Adopt A Park

The Adopt A Park program provides opportunities for groups to help improve and maintain the City of Melbourne’s 38 parks. The Adopt A Park program allows area businesses, neighborhood groups, and concerned residents to make a difference in the parks. adopt-a-park-fee-avenue

Any group can adopt a park by committing to a two-year period of adoption. At the end of two years an organization can renew, change parks, or terminate. Adoption fees range from $350-$1000, depending on the park. Call our Marketing & Development Administrator, Jessica Schlimme, at (321) 417-1342 for a list of parks that are available.

Adopter Receives:

  • Group/Business name displayed on Adopt A Park sign installed at a prominent location in the park
  • Recognition on City website and social media pages
  • Opportunity to rent park pavilion, gazebo, or facility at a discounted rate.

Parks Memorial Program

Planting a tree or installing a bench at one of our 38 City parks is a great way to celebrate the life of a loved one, or to celebrate the birth of a new child. Organizations or businesses may choose to plant a tree to honor a staff member’s accomplishment, or a group may plant a tree or install a bench in honor of a special event or anniversary. The trees/benches will be purchased, installed, and cared for by the City of Melbourne Parks Staff. For more information, please visit our website:

How it works: 

  • Choose a Park in the City of Melbourne
  • Work with Parks staff to determine the perfect location for your tree/bench
  • Choose to donate a Tree, Bench, or both ($100/Tree) ($250+/Plaque) ($1250/Bench)
  • Submit plaque verbiage to Memorial/Honorarium Program coordinator (if applicable)