Homeschool In The Park
WED  |  9:00AM-11:30AM
Riverview Park Homeschool
Homeschool In The Park

This is a special opportunity for homeschoolers to get together for a PE and Art class in the park!  Meet at Riverview Park for class starting at 9AM followed by fun on the playground and lunch.  This program is in partnership with the Health First Foundation as a part of the Play Dates in the Park Health and Wellness Initiative.  Space is limited.  Pre-registration is required.  Registration opens 1/15/2020.

Location: Riverview Park (2400 Riverview Dr)

Cost: $4 (Includes Lunch)

Date: 3/4/2020

WED 9:00AM-11:30AM

2400 Riverview Drive, Melbourne, FL 32901 - (321) 608-7490